Project Procurement Manager
Mechanical / E&I / Chemical
15 To 30
Prime Responsibilities
  • PPM shall be focal point between PMT and SCM for Procurement related activities
  • Identify list of A-Category items in consultation with Proposal Manager & Project Manager, which need to be taken-up for cost estimation by SCM
  • PPM in consultation with CPO / PPCH and CLB will identify the Buyers responsible for A Category items. Support Buyers in obtaining Project information and resolve issues if any with the Proposal Team
  • PPM in consultation with Project Manager, Proposal Manager and Engineering Manager will identify the equipment scope split within the Package (e.g. Heater, Compressor etc.) for cost optimization. PPM ensures that MRs for such package will be made accordingly
  • Prepare 'Project Specific Terms and Conditions' to be sent along with the RFQs
  • Prepare Procedures / Inputs related to 'Procurement', to be submitted along with the bid to Client / PMC
  • Develop Project Procurement Strategy and procurement plan
  • Preparation of Standard Commercial Terms & Conditions specific to the Project
  • Establish the project specific Reporting Formats and the frequency of reporting
  • Receive TP from PMT and circulate the same to PPCH / CLB
  • In case Supplier’s offer is not in line with available TP and / or Project Schedule, PPM shall take-up the same with PM in consultation with PPCH for resolution
  • Ensure that items removed from scope of package MR are ordered separately
  • Finalise the critical equipment that need additional Defect Liability period
  • Monitoring dispatches required to achieve Cost of Sales & release monthly update
  • Monitoring Pre-order and Post order Procurement progress
  • Finalize the 'Folder Structure' for Storage of SCM documents on Server Shared cross-functionally
  • Support PMT in finalizing Ordering plan and Delivery Schedule of major items for the project and alignment of the same with Project Schedule in consultation with PPCH/ CLB
  • Finalise additional Supplier list in consultation with CLB / PPCH
  • Provide current price trends to Proposal Manager for Bulks (If required)
  • Provide payment terms for identified A category items to Project Controls for preparation of cash flows
  • In consultation with Buyers will prepare 'Additional Supplier List' to be submitted along with the bid
  • Co-ordinate and collate the risk related issues for discussions and mitigation by PM
  • Co-ordinate with DEC/PMT for timely issue of MR, TQ, TBA, release of Holds etc.
  • Co-ordinate with DEC for approval of documents
  • Establish Communication and Interface procedures in line with project communication and interface requirements
  • Co-ordination and follow up with 'Engineering' on the offers received and technical clarifications for A category items
  • In consultation with CPO / PPCH, Proposal Manager and Project Manager will identify items for which 'Back-to-Back' agreements are to be entered
  • Consolidate the cost and delivery for all A-Category items and inform Proposal Manager
  • Establishment of project specific protocols such as Taxes and Duties & documentation for the same, BG format, Letter of Credit etc. in consultation with F&A
  • Liaise with CLB / Buyer / LLE / EXP to prepare 'Project Specific Procurement Progress Report' and release bimonthly progress reports (Pre-order & Post-order) highlighting the 'Constraints' in timely delivery of all items
  • Provide inputs to cost controller to Monitor & Report cost with respect to items relating to SCM
  • Attending review meetings with Client & other verticals and resolve all pending issues
  • Support Buyers in obtaining project information and resolve issues if any with the other Verticals
  • Maintain Issue Register for Procurement, support PMT for Change-Orders and Time Extensions with Client
  • Obtaining RPs from PMT. Liaise with Buyer / EXP for providing details of RPs used
  • For obtaining EPCG license, prepare ‘list of goods’ in consultation with CLB / PPCH / PMT and provide the same to LLE
  • Co-ordinate with PMT for timely receipt of necessary Import license
  • Liaise with Buyers, LLE, EXP, MIS to provide bi-monthly project procurement related MIS reports to Project Management
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