Production Planning
4 To 8
Job Profile:1. Anchor & Implement systems, process and procedures for timely completion of projects in a cost effective manner.2. Planning, scheduling (L1 to L4), initiating, executing, procurement, monitoring and control projects along time and cost parameters by suitable systems / process including ERPs like Primavera.3. Defining the work methodology with project manager and to provide detailed engineering plan schedule for fabrication drawings. To provide Master material plan to procurement to enhance material inflow and to avoid any delays in material receipt.4. Risk Assessment & mitigation plans.5. Breaking down of activities and to provide the micro plan on daily / weekly basis w.r.t to the daily progress % to be achieved.6. Develop S-curve for the project and to prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports and analyze with respect to the planned % Vs Actual Achieved and to analyze the CPM.
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Issued in public interest

“It has been brought to our attention that certain parties are sending out false e-mails to individuals, purporting to be issued in the name of Larsen & Toubro (L&T) or L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited, inviting them to come for a face-to-face interview for a job-opening with L&T or its any unit/vertical/location, as well as to deposit a certain amount as a refundable security deposit in a designated bank account.

Public are advised to note with caution that these messages are false and L&T or L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited has not sent out any such e-mails, nor sought such deposits.

The Company sincerely requests the public not to be misled by such false communication. L&T bears no responsibility towards this. Public are hereby warned that these e-mails/ letters are a fraud, which is being perpetrated in the organizations’ name by certain unknown parties. L&T is also taking legal steps in this regard to bring the offenders to books”.

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