Logistics Engineer or Lead
Any Discipline
15 To 25
Lead Logistics with following Prime Responsibilities
  • Manage Overseas & Inland transportation of General and ODC Project Material
  • Prepare Proposal stage Logistic Plan for ODC items based on list of ODC given by Proposal Team
  • Study Logistics requirement for ODC and prepare cost estimate for the same
  • Prepare procedures as per ITB requirements and provide the same to PPM
  • Identify the necessity of route survey in consultation with Proposal Manger, PM & PPCH
  • Identify agency for route survey and finalise the order on the agency in consultation with PPCH
  • Participate in route survey (in consultation with PPCH) depending on criticality
  • Study the route survey report issued by Agency and highlights the criticality, cost and transportation time specific to each ODC to PPM, PPCH & Proposal Manager
  • Prepare Project Specific Logistic Plan
  • Prepare Project Specific Packing & Marking Instructions
  • For ODC items identify and recommend Logistics options on basis of lead time, reliability and freight costs in line with the logistics plan prepared during proposal
  • Provide transportation / shipping duration to PPM / PMT for Project scheduling
  • Analyse and leverage logistics spend for better terms from Suppliers
  • Send RFQ, prepare CBE and finalise order on LSP for ODC items in consultation with PPCH
  • Execution & monitoring the order on LSP
  • Provide inputs on logistics related risks, if any to PPM
  • Include necessary information in 'List of Goods' and provide the same to PPM / PMT for obtaining Import License
  • Identify need for obtaining Licenses for importing 'Restricted items' and carry-out necessary formalities for the same through Import Department, Powai
  • Reconciliation of A.R.E. Forms
  • Maintain procedural and documentation requirements for import / export, export benefits, duty drawback etc.
  • Undertake feasibility surveys and route surveys esp. for ODC/OWC once again, as required
  • Study the Route Survey Report. Verify the proposed transport methodology suggested by LSP, the requirement of By-passes, strengthening of bridges / culverts / other civil works and list of permits required. Finalise marching path of the ODC from the Project site gate to the unloading area as per recommendations of LSP
  • Monitor the progress of receipt of Permits from various authorities involved and other activities for ODC/OWC transportation
  • Inspection & selection of handling & transportation equipment such as Cranes, Jacking System, Mechanical Trailers, Hydraulic Axles, Prime Movers, Barges, Tugs etc
  • Ensure timely mobilization of resources and transport equipment
  • Keep a daily track of movement of ODC/OWC
  • Prepare Regular updates / Shipping Status Report covering movement of Inland & Overseas cargo
  • Issue Alerts on delays during transportation, clearance etc
  • Periodic review performance of LSP and initiate course correction
  • Issuing RPs to LSP and Reconciliation of the same
  • Certifying invoices of LSP, make Payment Request and ensure timely payment to LSP
  • Obtain documents from LSP necessary for Insurance Claims
  • Ensure return of empty containers as per agreed schedule Shared cross-functionally
  • Registration of License with Customs in co-ordination with Import Dept., Powai
  • Ensure reconciliation of License with statutory authority in consultation with PMT / Import Dept
  • Liaise with EXIM Dept. - Powai / CHA for timely Custom clearance of consignment in India
  • Liaise with EXIM Dept. - Powai for documentation formalities for export
  • Inform requirement of transportation saddles to Buyer for ODC
  • Ensure compliance to Government & statutory requirements
  • Co-ordinate with LSP for timely pick-up of consignments. Give advance intimation to LSP for likely readiness date of ODC/OWC
  • Co-ordinate expediting and tracking activities with LSP
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