Lead Buyer - Pipelines
12 To 19
MumbaiCLB is responsible for supply chain management of all the items in the particular category. CLB is supported by a team of Buyers• Provide inputs on the volume requirement envisaged for current and future to PPCH so as to enable demand estimation for consolidation of requirements• Estimate & furnish Annual Budgeted Requirements to PPCH for entering into Rate Contracts / Frame Agreements• Participate and discuss with Supplier on Price, delivery, other terms for Frame Agreements• Entering into Frame Agreements for identified Items and operating the Frame Agreements• Identify need for Strategic sourcing / Global sourcing for select items• Look for competitive terms and prices from a long term business perspective• Maintain Supplier database of items handled• For Identified 'A-Cat.' Items:o Select Supplier for sending RFQso Participate and discuss with Supplier on cost, delivery, and other termso Provide cost estimate and expected delivery period to PPMo Selection of Supplier and entering into Back-to-Back Agreementso Verify the CBE prepared by Buyer. 'Price-Adders' mentioned in the CBE for unresolved deviations of the Suppliers shall be vetted by CLBo Identify additional Suppliers to be taken-up with Client / incorporate in the bido Identifying Equipment scope split, if any, within the package in consultation with DEC / PPM / Proposal Managero Conduct Parametric Study• Finalize Procurement Strategy for 'A-Cat' items• Identify Supplier for sending RFQs based on Client/ PMC Project Specific Supplier List. Review the techno-commercial deviations, offered delivery date, terms & conditions, prices and other parameters necessary for Supplier selection• Review the previous track-record of Supplier, existing & future work-load, shop facilities, financial status of the Supplier and other parameters necessaryfor Supplier selectionCarry out fact based negotiation with reference to the least and most desired outcomes• Conduct pre-qualification checks for potential Suppliers, if required• Lead and drive key Supplier negotiations, esp. A-Category items. Supplier selection & ordering of A-Category items• Identify equipment scope split within the Package in consultation with DEC/PPM / PMT• Participate in negotiation of other items & conditions of P.O. as required• Issue TP to Buyers• Ensure ordering of all items as per project schedule meeting the TP & Delivery• Identify additional Suppliers to be taken-up with Client• Verify and approve Supplier invoices, approve Payment Request and timely payment to Suppliers• Manage workloads across Buyers & issue fortnightly 'Work Plans'• Collate the Procurement related Risks issues for mitigation• Review Supplier Performance evaluation Reports• Support PPM in preparation of Project procurement strategy• Inform PPM on problems related to price and / or constraints with respect to the TP and Project Schedule for resolution• Support Buyer in Supplier Issue Resolution and de-bottlenecking• Provide inputs & guidance to Buyer for Closing Supplier 'Change-Order'
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Issued in public interest

“It has been brought to our attention that certain parties are sending out false e-mails to individuals, purporting to be issued in the name of Larsen & Toubro (L&T) or L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited, inviting them to come for a face-to-face interview for a job-opening with L&T or its any unit/vertical/location, as well as to deposit a certain amount as a refundable security deposit in a designated bank account.

Public are advised to note with caution that these messages are false and L&T or L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited has not sent out any such e-mails, nor sought such deposits.

The Company sincerely requests the public not to be misled by such false communication. L&T bears no responsibility towards this. Public are hereby warned that these e-mails/ letters are a fraud, which is being perpetrated in the organizations’ name by certain unknown parties. L&T is also taking legal steps in this regard to bring the offenders to books”.

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